I went pixi

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Natural Hair must haves

Having natural hair isn't all fun and games all the time unless you play with it and find new way to change up your style or find new way to take care of it. So below I will list and links of a few items I feel have help my hair health and have allowed me to switch up my look when I get tired of my curls but don't want to use heat. Satin or silk pillow case This is first on my list because I own more then 8 of them change them weekly (to avoid breakouts), and I take them on eve… Read more

Skin Care Routine & Struggle Timeline

I have been told by many that I look so young & my face is as smooth as a babies bottom. But this past year (2017) I had extreme complications with my skin my face especially.  It all started when I came back from my trip to New Orleans, so I looked like this  skin was flourishing and to be completely honest I am so lazy I don't wear make up (only on occasions) and I wasn't washing my face everyday. But that was nothing new for me. But when I came back my skins all over … Read more