My Experience Doing My Own Faux locks

So after months of watching youtube videos and asking around how much it would be to get faux locks or box braids. I realized that 1 people charge a lot to get these styles done & I'm way to cheap for all that. 

I started watching videos on how to do faux locs on yourself and i became very confident that I could do it. Now i just had to buy the hair looking around at beauty supply shops. I realized that I would need a lot of hair about 6-8 packs and each pack was about $5-10 dollars each. And as you all will learn to find out about me I like everything for the low low (AKA I'm cheap & love a good sale). 

So when I asked my co-worker if she knew of any good places to buy hair and she told me that along Broadway down 31st -25th street there are whole sale stores that sell hair bundle. So I went to a few places and ended up at Fantastic Hair factory direct sale 1201 Broadway on the 2nd floor. The two ladies what were there helped me find the exact hair I wanted which is pictured below.

I got these 5 packs for only $20 dollars, when usually at a beauty supply store i would have spent about $50. (#Winning)
& for the crochet $1 each (all other items had in my house)

As far as the process of completing these faux locs I rather show you then tell you HERE