Tiny House Getaway

A couple of week ago I took a road trip with my family to the cutest tiny house cabin in the Catskills. I rented a Honda Fit through Zipcar and we were on our way, it was about a 2 hours and 30 minute drive. (Well google maps said 2 hours but we made a couple of stops) Along the way we found a self service fresh egg and maple shack (it was literally a little shed with coolers and a lock box) I know it seems a bit creepy but the eggs where delicious they actually tasted like “real eggs” ( real as in not what we get in New York City but fresher more tasty). And the Maple was AMAZING
If you want to get the full views of this shack and our little road trip check out my video on Youtube
When we arrived to the location we had to take a few twist and turn to get to the tiny house but when we did it was perfect, we had our own parking spot, a bond fire pit, a picnic table, a grill and two lounging wooden chairs. Inside of the tiny house was a super clean all wooden sanctuary. The Getaway house we stayed in was called the Columbia it was just enough room for me, my mom, my step dad, and our two dogs (yes this is a pet friendly vacation company finally!!)
They stocked us up with firewood and coal which you had to pay for but it wasn’t too pricey ($6 bucks a bundle for the wood and $6 bucks for one use of coal). There was a Walmart and Dunkin Donut 15 minutes away (needless to say you definitely need a car to get around)
But over all this place was a peaceful relaxing getaway (hence the name of the company *wink wink*) I would say this is a must for all of us that are on a budget and can’t afford a flight ANDDDD a stay at a nice resort. Or if you just want a mini escape from your everyday life. #Highlyrecommended
The cost rundown  
$320 -Zipcar rental for 3 days  standard car (zipcar covers the gas which is perfect )
( That price is about 89 dollars a day plus taxes and fees)
$251.64 -Getaway tiny house stay 
(That price includes $15 charge to bring pets and $18.64 of NY state tax )
To book your next getaway or to learn more about the Getaway home’s here is the  link
To sign up with Zipcar here’s the link
Fresh Egg & Maple self service stand/shack address 
3126 Old King Rd. Catskill NY, United States