Food for Thought (Latina's Connect Event)

On July 27th, I attended a Latina Connect event during the event I met the beautiful curly girl (@ohhthatsjustflash) and she was talking to the one of the co-founder (@qianaaviles) of The Latinas Connect. She said, "as Latinas we have to stick together..." & that right there was an eye opener for me. It really made me realized how much power we females have & we need to use it to our advantage.

We spend most of our time envying each other because of men, opportunities, and looks. Society has pushed us to constantly be in competition. When it comes to looks, style, age, clothing...etc. We look at other women as competition when we should be elevating each other. Older women should not see younger women as a threat they should see it as a chance to help us make better choices in life. And If you see someone looking poppin don't envy her because she is doing her thing, go up to her ask her for tips on how she got to where she is. I think it's perfectly fine to admire a stranger and 85% of the time I can bet she will be excited to tell you her ways.

This event made me realize this because 1 even though it was a "Latina" connect event all kinds of women and supportive men were there. I even brought my best friend who isn't Latina and the love was real in the room. I meet so many up and coming influencers, and I have to say mingling with those ladies made me realize that I'm not the only one out here blogging, youtubing, giving curly hair advice. They are doing their thing as well but at no point did I see them as my competition but as a support system, we shared advice on how to build our respective brands, what sites we use for our blogs, so much info on just how to get better at what we are working on.
It was truly humbling and inspiring to see women come together to elevate each other. I want to thank the Latina Connect and congratulate them on their one year anniversary.

🍾Here's to many more 🥂