My Favorite Products of 2017

Late into 2017 I began to share my hair journey but I was always a product junkie, but when I began to share my journey is when I truly began to see what product were working for me. 

So here are my top 5 products from 2017. The best part is all of these products are under $13!!! (All products are linked but can be found for cheaper at your local target or beauty supply store)

$10 (16 oz)

So to start this is one of the products that was recommend by my mother she read about is some where on the web so I bought it and O M to the G I fell in love. It left my hair so soft and light. I purchased at target for  $10 (its 16.fl oz aka pretty big)

Now I love me a good Co-wash I though I had the curl game down pack till I got my September Curlbox subscription
$12.99 (16 oz)

This co-wash feels like heaven I can say I swear by it, it leaves my hair feeling like heaven. I know some people condition their have after a co-wash (which is a little weird) but I get why because your hair feel dry most times after co-washing and washing WELL here is your solution buy this and save conditioner, your welcome :) 
$10.99 (12 oz)

This product is a cream I received a sample packed of it at Curl Fest 2017, I actually didn't open my goodie bag till my best friend texted me telling me I had to try it. 
So I did & fell completely in love, it gives me a lot of hold but keep my hair soft and bounce. 

I also won a contest they were having and got the whole product line in full sizes (so I'm stocked up for 2 year+ and I'm not sharing) #blessed

If you would like to see my Rake & Shake results using this product CLICK HERE

$5.49 (6 oz)

When it was time to transition from summer to winter hair care my hair started freaking out and so was my scalp it was to itchy and dry. So I spoke to a couple of my curl friends and they suggested this item right here and it has helped so much with my itchy head. I love the pointy tip it makes it easier to apply the product.

I also used it when I braid my hair to wear my wig CHECK it OUT

$8.99 (12 oz)
Let me start off by saying that I don't like wash days so when I received this in my November Curlbox I was like (omg another step to add to wash day...whattt a drag).

But then one day I was bored so I tried it out and that was the day my wash routine had changed completely. This product melted my knots away, I am not one to have a difficult time detangling in the shower but once I realized how much easier it made detangling after shampooing I was sold.

I highly recommend this to parents I know how knotted kids hair can get

These it is my top 5 product for 2017 I definitely have way more favs but these are the product I couldn't stop turning to in 2017. Of course I have way more favs but I didn't want to over whelm you guy and have you going broke.

P.S.A Let me remind anyone who is reading that these products worked for me so they might not work for everyone, so I can only speak (write) from my own point of view.