My go to wash day product line up

In my honest opinion these product work best when used all together, I've used some other them separate but i get my best results when I used them together CLICK HERE to see my my results

The Allstars of this line up have to be these two right here the pre-poo is amazing it just melts my knots away & the temple balm is a great edge control. I feel that every other edge control I've tried is super thick and stiff. This product is light and thin but had great hold.

These two work best when I use the pre-poo if I don't my hair does feel a bit dry, which is why I love the pre-poo because it gives my hair a perfect amount of moisture so that when I shampoo my hair still feels soft. And then BAM I use that conditioner and I get a perfect balance.  


I will be totally honest my hair hates gels it gets extremely dry and brittle after day 1,  so what I do is pair my gels with other cream based products & In result I get moisture and hold.