Are you WOKE about your pads

So for years I was using regular pads and tampons from brand like Always and Kotex. But about 3 years ago I changed to organic pads (I know it sounds boujee) but it actually cheaper. I have realized that they are not sold at every pharmacy but they are sold at Target and Whole Foods.

I changed to cotton because I always felt that the other pad brand would make down there hot and it would cause in grown hairs. Studies also show that some of the chemicals used in tampons and pads that are not cotton can slowly seep in to our bodies.

This is the brand I recently purchase at Target  
                 They are from the brand L. I like this brand because the great packaging (I don't know if it just me but I don't like every single target shopper knowing I have my period) also this zip lock like bag is super convenient and cute. It comes with 42 pad for just $6.99.

I've also realized that these use way less little papers that seal the pad, I personally hate the fact that other companies use so many layers in their wrapping 
             (These just have 2 paper the outer wrapping and the wing cover)              


I look forward to trying this brands tampons 

If you are looking for an even cheaper option, these alway my go to...     (I have added all the link to the cheapest source to purchase these product)
$2.15 30 Count panty liners

$5.99 16 Count Tampons

$3.99 50 Count Pant liner

$3.99 24 Count Wing less pads 
The Seventh generation brand offers many different pad options other then the ones I have shown here.

If you were curious what exactly are in the pads you are using now, well here you go... 

This information is from the brand Always 

Were you able to read any of those words ?
 Eh me either so you should worry about what are those things really doing to you 

The organic cotton brand is made of ...
This information is from the brand L.

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  1. Girl yess. Thank you for this post. This topic is so important. I have actually been looking for other brands to try out so I'm definitely going to check these out.



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