Artist Collaborations

Over the past year I have been collaborating with a New York artist 

Bledar Fida here are some of the work we have done.

Music Videos 

Bledar Fida productions presents What They Like,
a music video written, engineered, produced,
and directed by Bled.
Video shot by Thalia Perez.

Produced, Engineered, Written, and Directed by BLED. Shot by Thalia Perez

Cover Art

(All editing is by the artist or artist affiliates unless other wise stated)


Montreal, Canada 2017

Lower Antelope Canyon- Arizona 2017

Montreal, Canada 2017

 Edited By Edwin Ramirez (Aka @eddiecas on Instagram) 

Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

Montreal Canada 

This artist work can be found on all streaming platforms

If you are looking to collaborate please email me at