Skin Care Routine & Struggle Timeline

I have been told by many that I look so young & my face is as smooth as a babies bottom. But this past year (2017) I had extreme complications with my skin my face especially.

 It all started when I came back from my trip to New Orleans, so I looked like this 

August 13, 2017 
skin was flourishing and to be completely honest I am so lazy I don't wear make up (only on occasions) and I wasn't washing my face everyday. But that was nothing new for me.

But when I came back my skins all over was dryyyy, oh did I mention I have eczema so that played a huge part in this I tried everything from at home masks, creams, coconut oil... the list goes on.

As time passed I thought it was just a phase but it got worst take a look
November 8, 2017
November 6, 2017

November 9, 2017

I was completely miserable I couldn't even cover it with makeup because it was so dry and painful.

Long story short I went to my local Target/CVS to ask for help with my hand eczema (ohh lord that is a whole other blog post). But the girl behind the counter suggested a brand called Skinfix. I ran home to google it and found out they sold some product at CVS stores I began to use the Eczema extra strength soothing body cream all over even my face.

Once I started using this the dryness began to go away on my face and hands even the redness was soothed. Once this started working I did a huge haul on Ulta. com when they just happen to be having a 40% off sale. 

Now this is my new skin care routine

(Beginning to end)

Foaming Oil Cleanser
Facial rounds (4 pc 11.00)

1.  So to start I use a pea size amount of this foaming oil, if (which is very rare) I wear makeup I use organic facial pads from Creek Side Kid on Etsy   on the day that I don't wear makeup I just use my hand to gently clean my face.

Natural liquid detergent 

Hanes 6 pack 
2. Next I pat (do not rub your face to dry it just pat dry) I use a clean 100% cotton shirt that I change every week and make sure I wash with organic detergent.  
3. Now this step is a 2 part step But mainly just layer's of moisturizing

Brighting eye cream 
Apply this under your eyes (pea size on both sides)
I like to gently smooth it on in circular motions 
Hydrating lotion 

Moisture boost serum

Next is one pump of the hydrating lotion,

 one pump of the moisture boosting serum 

and just gently apply thing combo to your face. 
                  That is all but on my worst days when I feel my face is really dry or red, I use this. It is a bit pricey but is worth it just use it in some small doses because if overly used in my experience might cause pimples. 

My suggestion is to alternate this product  
It is currently not in stock but can be found on HERE

Life update/ skin timeline after starting this new routine 
November 23, 2017
1 week into using these products
November 26, 2017
Finally felt comfortable with my skin 

Most resent January 20, 2018 
December 18, 2017
My skin is doing well I just have a problem area
that contently gets dry so I apply extra cream to this area every day