Natural Hair must haves

Having natural hair isn't all fun and games all the time unless you play with it and find new way to change up your style or find new way to take care of it. So below I will list and links of a few items I feel have help my hair health and have allowed me to switch up my look when I get tired of my curls but don't want to use heat.

Satin or silk pillow case

This is first on my list because I own more then 8 of them change them weekly (to avoid breakouts), and I take them on every sleep over and vacation. These pillow cases have saved my hair. (I even put my boyfriend on to these & he loves it ) 

These in the photo above are Satin from Amazon $8.99, but your local beauty supply should have them for cheaper.

Silk is better but way more expensive and I feel that satin does the job for me.  

Head wrap or Turban

These two look right here I use at least once a week especially closer to wash day. It looks cute simple and is hiding a mess of hair underneath.

The head scarf is a regular thin spring scarf here is a video on how I tie mine.

The Turban is from Amazon for $9.99

Spiral scrunchy

I will admit when I first saw these I was like "hell no, that is going to get tangle my hair and leave me bald". But it is the complete opposite my hair never gets tangled, I no longer use regular scrunches unless its for my fake ponytail which you will read about below.

I buy my spiral scrunches at Five Below but I could not find you a link for those but I did find these from Target for the same price $3 

Side note 
(Just for reference Sephora and Urban Outfitters has these)
Yea crazy $8 dollars for only three scrunchies, in my opinion that is outrageous and I have tried both and there really is not difference between the two. 

Wig/ ponytail

Now these two I have only recently started using I was really scared to try these new look. But I am absolutely obsessed with my wig which I have a separate post about HERE  

But my go to is this ponytail it's a cute quick look when your hair is just not cooperation or when its rainy out. But my favorite thing to do is put on a deep conditioning mask brush my hair back and pop on this pony. Take a look at how I got this look HERE 


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