November Favorites

So I have wanted to open up this segment of my blog for a here it is my monthly favs. This month I had to pick a couple of products that I've actually been using for years and are all under $12. And can all be found in my Amazon store.

This Right here is my HOLY GRAIL product I have recommend this to many girl with different hair types from fine (which I would consider my hair to be on the finer side) to girls with thicker hair like my girl @HumidityIsTheEnemy and she loves it! 

My mom bought our first bottle at Target but it is also sold on Amazon. 

Now like I said my hair is on the finer side and this baby right here is something I had never seem before! I purchased it over a year ago (miracle I haven't lost it lol) I had always felt like a regular hair pick just didn't do for me what it does for other's. So when I saw my girl @Mamasitta use it I knew I had to try it. I love it because is gives me all the volume I need with little to no frizz, and I love the handle.  Plus the founder Courtney is so sweet ! Which makes me want to buy so much more!

You can purchase The Springgle on Amazon and to learn more about is visit their website

Lastly, the OG of my natural hair journey! This is the first product I  intentionally used to start my journey (which I didn't know I was even starting). Long story short my mom said I should co-wash some days and skip shampooing some weeks and BAM! That's how it all started. 
Once this baby touched my curls I was convinced that I needed to focus on my hair more. 

I had forgotten about it for a few but my mom recently bought it again and I'm hooked! 
(Clearly she buys everything and I use all of her stuff 😂). 

This product can be found on Amazon click here

Product I am Looking forward to trying some time soon...

First is from one of my favorite IG Influencers @StyleFeen, I am so happy for her and this launch of 100% silk head scarfs. I will be ordering mine this week and can't wait to use it not only for different hair styles but also to sleep. I currently use a satin head wrap but I know silk is sooo much better.

Purchase HERE 

Lastly I really just want to try this because of the hype 😝 But when and if I do I would purchase the travel size just to try it out.