December Favs

Cheers to the end of 2019! This time around I'm going to be sharing my monthly favorites along side a lot of my favorites from 2019. 
(All products will have links or check here for my Amazon list)

 This is the only edge control that keeps any of my baby hairs in place, this checks off all my boxes when looking for a edge control and I'm so happy I found this one in 2019!

I bought this at my local beauty supply after visiting 5 stores prior to this and not finding it and them spending $15 dollar on it which was heart breaking :( so here is a way cheaper
link from Amazon for $11.
 Now this one I can admit is a bit over priced depending where you purchase it from but it is worth every penny and a little of it goes a long way, so it is going to last you a while. This was the first mousse I ever tried, after using this my curls are so shiny and light. 
Amazon has it the cheapest for $15 Here
To see this mousse in action click Here
I am a huge fan of co- washing at least once a week and it honestly takes a lot to get on my list of favorite co-washes, but this product makes my hair feel like butter. Usually I co-wash and deep condition, but with this I can just wash my hair with it and go straight from rinsing it out to styling. 
Click Here is the link to this product

 I personally am not a fan of shampooing I feel like it really always dries out my hair, so if the shampoo isn't followed up by a great conditioner my hair comes out blah! But this duo and the one below were my go to's for 2019.
Amazon Link click Here for the Shampoo & click Here for the Conditioner 
These two are definitely on the pricey side and were gifted to me by Influenster and I am so glad I got the opportunity to try them because I honestly fell in love with this brand and what they stand for. Plus each bottle comes with seeds which you can plant, and the bottle can be used as the plan holder.  
Amazon link click Here for the Shampoo & click Here for the Conditioner 

Since the 2018 I believe I have been using this I use it at least every 2 weeks and it is perfect for giving my hair a fresh start. This makes my scalp feel like it's in minty heaven (because of the tea tree oil). I also recommend this if you are experiencing dryness do to weather change or dandruff. This has to be one of the most affordable product own 
I usually purchase it at Target but here is the link for Amazon

Best for last ! Now this baby right here changed my hair life I can literally blow out my entire head in 15 minutes (granted I currently hair a pixie cut that would usually take 3o mins to blow dry) and is getting me through my awkward grown out pixie stage. This has to be the best brush blower I have ever tried. I had one like it from a different brand at some point and it can't compare. I learned about this product from my girl @Blossomchin_ . I purchased mine at Walmart but Amazon has it way way cheaper now.
See this product in action Here

Brands I am Looking forward to trying in 2020..


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