How I cut my own hair at home


Yes I cut my own hair and I’ve be been doing it for the past 5 years... it’s crazy to say but I’ve never gotten a professional curly cut 😮🤭 (I know cray cray tag some dope hair stylist 👀). I didn’t get my pixie cut but I don’t think that counts 🤔

This isn’t your traditional cutting method, but it works FOR ME! And to be clear this is more of a dusting of my ends. And I do this every 3-5 month!

Pro Tips
•Make sure your twist out is 100% dry
•Invest in a pair of professional hair cutting scissor (put down those paper scissor sis 👀)
Scissor link HERE 
•If you are trying this out for the first time maybe try 1 finger guiding rather than 2 

Sweater from @maries_thrift

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